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lackoo: Legacy Games $9.95 Jul 30, 2014 16:36:26 GMT
lackoo Avatar
lackoo: $6.95 Jul 30, 2014 16:38:03 GMT
Timebomb007 Avatar
Timebomb007: The other shop with gifting didn't work as well as this one does, and the creator discontinued it, so there wouldn't be any updates to fix issues. Definitely to a party. August 12th is the anniversary. Jul 30, 2014 17:14:33 GMT
duckyo Avatar
duckyo: Timebomb You have gardening supplies in the new shop -- THANK YOU! I bought several items! There's no option for gifting, but I see we can send "donations" of "wallet cash" to each other? Jul 30, 2014 18:26:24 GMT
duckyo Avatar
duckyo: And great to a party Aug. 12 -- can't believe we are so young! It seems like virtual home now... Jul 30, 2014 18:27:40 GMT
Timebomb007 Avatar
Timebomb007: Yes, that's right. I forgot about that. Jul 30, 2014 20:47:08 GMT
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: :Steaming: @!*#!* government departments, phone queues and wonderful new 'linked records' that stuff up so you can't access ANYTHING! aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrgggggghh! :Crazy: Jul 31, 2014 0:54:07 GMT
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: sorry, but been on the phone and PC for hours and just had to vent......... Jul 31, 2014 0:55:27 GMT
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: :Frown: all I wanted to do was lodge an on-line tax return (10 minutes) and now my tax, social security and health records are cactus. Good on ya aussie government! Jul 31, 2014 0:56:40 GMT
Loonna Avatar
Loonna: I'm sorry Saskatil. Here is the US the government runs so smoothly that we all look for reasons to call them and the IRS our federal taxing authority (Oh, how funny, I typed "taking" instead of "taxing) is our friend. :ROFL: Jul 31, 2014 1:55:04 GMT
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: 'taking' - love that (Freudian slip?) Jul 31, 2014 1:57:29 GMT
navydan1 Avatar
navydan1: Remember, when you put "The" and "IRS" together, it spells "theirs". Jul 31, 2014 4:57:33 GMT *
shardlake Avatar
shardlake: Ooh Sas you're taking a chance with your sanity trying to do anything that's suppose to be a 10 min job with the Aussie government departments, what with 'you're on hold' or press 1 for this or 2 for that or all our operators are busy right now :Steaming Jul 31, 2014 10:25:53 GMT *
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: LOL shard - no sanity left after listening to the 'muzak' in the queues! (I was almost at breaking point) navydan - love THEIRS, wish I could think of something for our ATO! Jul 31, 2014 11:18:23 GMT
lackoo Avatar
lackoo: Cateia Games Online Store : Jul 31, 2014 16:09:51 GMT
lackoo Avatar
lackoo: "Kingdom Tales 2 (HD)[br][br]COMING AUGUST 6 ON CATEIA GAMES STORE![br][br]BUY KINGDOM TALES 2 AND GET KINGDOM TALES 1 50% OFF THE PRICE!!! " Jul 31, 2014 16:10:03 GMT
Snake Avatar
Snake: - Coincidence? I think not! :ROFL: Jul 31, 2014 16:11:40 GMT
letsdoit Avatar
letsdoit: Afternoon u'all..Hey SAS I can relate, spent all morning on phone with denti-care for!...TB..woooowhooo! Party 8/12/14! gone to check out the shop..all shouters have a good one! Jul 31, 2014 19:38:40 GMT
saskatil Avatar
saskatil: Is there going to be a separate Party thread? I'll be there celebrating (but probably at a different time LOL) Jul 31, 2014 21:23:39 GMT
calsmom2001 Avatar
calsmom2001: Navydan: HAHAHAHAHA!! Aug 1, 2014 12:59:25 GMT
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